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How Do I Make A TVC Booking On The MediaPro Website?

  • Log onto the website and type in the username and password that was given to you via the welcome email.
    (Note: A page will appear to approve terms and conditions, this must be ticked to continue

  • Once logged into website click the booking tab at the top of page.

  • Select 'send TV ad' sub tab to proceed with a booking TVC's to stations.

  • The page below will appear (see below for explanation to fill this out)

  • Click on Client and type in your client’s name (your client is who you are making the commercial for) and then click Add Client.
    Important Note: The Green Tick will need to appear before you can proceed.
  • Opposite Client are the fields to enter a Purchase Order (PO) number or a Reference/ Insertion Order number.
    Purchase Order; A number that has been assigned to this booking by your accounts department; a reference number is a number that is significant to you so that you can refer back to the booking at a later date.
    If you don’t have one, we would recommend putting the key number into either the PO or reference order field.
  • The template option underneath PO and Reference can be used to save your settings for recurring bookings.


  • Three buttons will be highlighted; 
  1. Book Now to book to the TV stations.
  2. Book for Approval to book to CAD/CAB (Freetv Australia & Commercial Approvals Bureau)
  3. Get Estimate – Cost of Job
  • Click on Place Booking


  • Step 1: Creating Booking 


  • Before entering the key number information, you must select whether your spot will be delivered and stored in HD or SD. (SD material cannot be sent to HD stations if required at a later date)


  • Enter in all of the information for your Spot Details


  1. Key No. – Should not be longer than 13 characters and needs to contain letters and numbers. Example ABC123
  2. Client – Auto filled
  3. Product – What is your commercial about? 
  4. Title – Campaign is for?  
  5. Agency - Auto filled
  6. CAD No. – Number provided by CAD (FreeTV) once approved. 
  7. Duration – How long is your commercial?
  8. Aspect Ratio – This is the frame size of commercial. All stations broadcast in 16.9 so should not be changed.
  9. Captioning – Do you wish to have your TVC captioned? Closed Caption (CC) displays text for the hearing impaired.

  • Once information has been filled in click Add Spot + Button.

  • This will add the spot to your cart.
    * You can repeat this step if you have more than 1 key number to send.


  • Click Next and select whether captioning is required.

  • Step 2: Choose Destinations for the booking
    select the destinations you wish to send TVC to and also the priority you wish them to be delivered. You can book both SD and HD spots in the one booking, notice when sending a HD spot to HD stations it will be highlighted with ‘HD’ to signify this, if it does not carry this symbol this would mean that it will be sent as SD. 
    Important Note: Before selecting your booking priority please remember that the delivery priority begins once we have ingested the material.

  • How to select Priority? You can either click on the priority in the top left hand corner or hover over the square next to the destination you want to select and a circle will appear.

  • If you are sending multiple TVC’s Select the destination and priority then repeat this process for each key number.
    If you are unable to see the destination that you want to send to you can click on one of the tabs at the top as per the image below:


  • Once you have completed your selection of destinations click Next.
  • Click Next to go to the following step which requires you to advise Dubsat when the material will arrive.
  • Step 4: Media Contribution and Delivery Advice.
    If you have uploaded the material click already provided.
    You can choose a delivery report to be sent to you via email or SMS.


  • Step 5: Summary and Estimate
    You will now be able to view an estimation of your booking.
    Check to make sure that the estimation matches up with your rates.
    Once you are satisfied with this click the Confirm button.

  • Step 6: Enter Payment Details
    If you have a premium account, the Account selection will be checked automatically.
    If you have a standard account, fill in all of your credit card details and then click  
    Wait a few minutes and you will receive a booking number, write this down as a reference for this booking.

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