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How do I create a Broadcast Order?

Select Broadcast Order from the Order tab.


You can choose to resume an order or select New Order to begin. 

You can save your order at any point to resume later.

Add your order details such as advertiser, campaign, agency, and billing details. Include a purchase order or reference number if required. 

With MediaPro you can place an order through various distributors. Choose the distributor that best meets your needs. 

MediaPro helps you save time when placing large orders. You can load a destination list saved from a previous order. 


Selecting Broadcast Order will bring up the Grid View to add your order details to. You can add multiple creatives to multiple destinations, with various SLA's.

Add Creatives to begin. You can add new creative details or choose creatives from your Media Library

CLICK HERE to learn about your Media Library.

Add your new creative details including ISCI, product, title, duration and aspect ratio. 

Remember to add an H to the end of all HD Creatives. 

MediaPro can add closed captions to your HD or SD media as well. 

Just select Caption via MediaPro to add captioning. 


You can also add previously delivered or new creatives from your library which have been quality checked, and are ready to be trafficked. 



Choose the creative from your Media Library and then Select to add.  


You can add files from your Media Library or drag and drop new files directly onto your creative.  

Select Advanced Options and Media and simply drag and drop your slate, VA, or separate Video and Audio Files.  

Select Existing Files to add from your Media Library. Remember to label files to match your creative ISCI number. MediaPro will automatically filter the matching files.  

Add up to x19 creatives along the top row of columns. Select Add Creative as you continue your order. To the left, your destinations will stack vertically as you add them to your order. Select the required SLA and apply to each individual cell for each creative. 

Scroll along the state navigator to filter destinations by state. Use the Show List or Show Map feature to search by states as well. 

Alternatively you can search by specific broadcast stations or cities using the City, TV station name. 

For bulk orders click on the Actions button and choose Import Destinations


Type destination names separated by commas, or copy and paste a list of destinations from an EXCEL spreadsheet.


To add or remove all Destinations to a creative, select the creative and a menu will appear. Alternatively, use the Actions tab to remove all destinations.  

Select an SLA for your delivery. 

Choose the ISCI from the column and select the corresponding destination, and click on the cell. This will open the SLA dialogue box. Choose the preferred SLA for your creative. 

To Change an SLA just click the cell again to remove or alter the delivery time.


Click the My Order icon to review your current order details while you continue to search and add destinations. 

Before your final order confirmation and check out, it's a good time to save your destination list. This is especially helpful to save time placing large orders for next time. You may find that you place numerous orders to the same destinations. 

Use the Actions tab to create a Destination Group.

Add the list name, and save. You can add your destination lists to a new order, (as shown at the start of this instruction). 

Complete your order with changes to the list as needed.


Use the Map Viewer to get a snapshot of National coverage.

Just click on the Map Icon below the Actions Tab. 


At a glance you can review your order including all of your creatives, destinations, and SLA priorities.  

Note the number tally on each state to track targeted regions. Below that is an overview of your order. 

The T icon on some of the orders represents Traffic Orders added to creatives. 

You can place Traffic Instructions with a Broadcast Order, or create a Traffic Only order.

CLICK HERE  to learn more about placing Traffic Orders

When you're ready click Next to view your order summary.  

Remember you can save your order and resume at any time. 

View your itemized order summary. Print or download your estimate for your records or review. 

Click Next to add payment details. Select your payment type and add the required details. Select Next to confirm payment and create your order. 

 Your order is complete!  Keep your Order Number for your records. Also quote this number to our client service team for follow up. 

Note the Creatives Missing Media notification. This is to remind you that your order has been placed, but will not be completed and sent until your creatives contain the required media. 

Select Add To Creative Manager as circled below. This will take you directly to your creative manager to select creatives from your Media Library or upload files directly. 


Check out further help instructions or contact Client Services for any further questions about MediaPro. 


CLICK HERE  to return to Support.

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